Black Obsidian Protection Ring

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This vintage design obsidian ring is an exquisite piece that you can own and wear every day or on special occasions to give a chic and rustic look. 

The Black Obsidian Protection Ring offers a beautiful look with powerful protection for the wearer's safety and benefits.

History Of Black Obsidian

The Obsidian rock forms from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass and is found in a number of places worldwide.

The Black Obsidian stones have an excellent spiritual grounding vibration and also have strong psychic protection energy.

There are a number of different variations of this mineral, and it comes in a range of types and colors. This includes the gorgeous black obsidian crystals, that are quite beautiful.

Black Obsidian Benefits

Healing Benefits

The Black Obsidian Stone has strong healing energy that is known to aid the release of addictions, eating disorders, negative behaviors, and emotional blockages.

This stone has properties that are believed to heal and aid problems such as hardening of the arteries, joint pain, including arthritis, cramps,and circulation problems.

Mental Benefits

The Black Obsidian Stone is an excellent aid to help you to release negativity caused by your thought and experiences on your daily living. 

This stone acts to remove any built-up negativity caused by your own or others' anger, fear, resentment, and even stress. It also aids you to remove any negative attachments.

It aids your ongoing physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Wealth Benefits

The black obsidian is a lucky stone to possess for wealth and good luck. This stone may wars off the bad chi, as well as cleanse any negative energies that may affect your own decision making and flow of thoughts especially for your career and business.

Feng Shui Uses

In Feng Shui, black obsidian is an excellent cure for the North Bagua area, one's career, and path in life. Black obsidian provides the energy of the water Feng Shui element and offers protection and clears obstacles in one's life path.

Black obsidian is believed to draw negative energy, and provide protective energy to the user. It takes good care of its physical surroundings. Do not place black obsidian on the floor or anywhere else where it can get neglected.

Other Benefits Of The Stone

  • The vibration of the stone may aid you to contact your spirit guide, as they have a powerful action to aid spiritual communication.
  • They are excellent grounding stones. Their energy works by helping you to move any excess energy down for grounding.
  • Their resonance within the base or root chakra is very strong, and they have a powerful vibration for healing.

Product Detail:

  • Product Name: Black Onyx Ring
  • Product Material: S925 sterling silver
  • Product Style: Retro Fashion
  • Product Weight: About 7 grams
  • Stone Dimension: Length: 1.4cm Width: 1cm
  • Ring Size: Adjustable

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 Piece Black Obsidian Protection Ring